The Pride Myrtle Beach Pageant

The Pride Myrtle Beach Pageant is an inclusive pageant presented by Pride Myrtle Beach, Inc. The mission of this pageant is to provide a voice for all those we represent in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area, who identify as LGBTQ+. Through this pageant, we plan to encourage, support and give back to our community through fundraising and volunteerism.

This pageant is set-up so that anyone who would like to represent Pride Myrtle Beach may participate. Our goal is that everyone feels part of the Pride Community, regardless of gender identity.

Based on the desire to be inclusive, there are three groups of contestants, with individuals identifying the area which best represents them. These categories are: Miss, Mr. and MX. Anyone male, female or non-binary may choose the group in which they wish to compete. All contestans will compete together and one winner per group will be chosen based on scoring of the judges, eliminating the traditional winner/runners up placement.

While the bulk of the responsibilities will be during Pride events, our goal is to make this role last throughout the year with a continued impact on our greater community. We will be connecting with local organizations to provide volunteer and fundraising opportunities as well as visibility in the community.

This year’s pageant theme is “Reign”, celebrating the tradition of the drag pageants of the 80s and 90s, known for their lavish costumes, elegant evening wear, and over-the-top production numbers. This year’s event is not just a competition; it’s a more inclusive homage to to the dedication, preparation, and extravagant artistry that defined a generation and elevated drag to epic proportions of performance art.


Our main goal is to make this pageant as inclusive as we possibly can, there will some intial rules regarding entry. All contestants must be considered amateur performers, meaning we will not allow professional singers, dancers or actors who may be perceived as having an unfair advantage.

There are three competing groups, Miss., Mr. & MX.. While not likely based on interest, If there are less than two contestants registered per group, that group will be dropped from the pageant. If one individual is registered for a category that is dropped they will be given the choice to compete with another group. Advance registration is required but notice of group elimination may not be possible due to no-shows.

Each contestant must complete a registration form prior to May 8, 2024. Entry fee is $25 (Cash or Zelle) or $27 (Credit or Debit), this fee will be due at pageant sign in.
Registration Form

Miss Pride Myrtle Beach

The Miss Pride Myrtle Beach category is appropriate for individuals who’s stage persona identifies as female, regardless of gender identity.

Mr. Pride Myrtle Beach

The Mr Pride Myrtle Beach category is appropriate for individuals who’s stage persona identifies as male, regardless of gender identity.

MX. Pride Myrtle Beach

The MX Pride Myrtle Beach category is appropriate for individuals who’s stage persona identifies as nonbinary/gender diverse, regardless of gender identity.

Category Details


Each contestant will present themselves to the audience and judges in an outfit/costume that best represents what Pride means to them. No glitter, fire, or water may be used in this category. There is a two (2) minute limit, using up to half of the time to introduce themselves on the microphone giving their name, & contestant number, as well as tie in to the theme of this category “What Pride means to me”, and the remainig time to walk the stage and model the outfit/costume. Music will be provided by the pageant. Contestants will be judged on creativity, fit, ability to model, speaking ability, and overall effectiveness of presentation and introduction.

Evening Wear

Each contestant will be judged one at a time and comparatively in Creative Evening Wear. It may be of any color, style, and fashion. Contestants will be judged on creativity, evening wear selection, fit, hair/makeup, accessories, poise, modeling ability, and general appearance. The pageant will provide music for this category.

On-Stage Question

Contestants will compete in an On-Stage Question during the Evening Wear Competition. Scoring is separate from the Evening Wear category. Contestants will be judged on poise, confidence, ability to communicate, vocabulary, and grammar, and overall effectiveness of answer. Questions will be determined by random draw and will NOT be political in nature.


Each contestant will be judged in a talent selection of their choice. It may be of any type that will not put themselves or the audience in danger. Use of glitter, fire, and water may not be used in this category. The talent portion is limited to five (5) minutes total including any setup and removal of props. Contestants will be judged on ability (lip-sync, dance, live vocal, etc,) entertainment value, costuming/makeup, sound quality (within the contestants control), and effectiveness of props and dancers if used. Please note, if using props or other performers, they will be judged using the same criteria.


Complete Rules & Regulations Here

Day of Event

All music must be on a high-quality USB flash drive, clearly labeled, with the contestant’s name – when saving the file to the device you must name the file clearly with the song title and your name, no other files shoud be on this device. It is strongly suggested that an additional drive be immediately available in the event that the original becomes unusable.
As this is a nightclub environment, please note that dressing area and storage space will be limited, please keep this in mind when planning costumes and/or any other materials you bring with you. Everyone in your party must be 21+ years or older to enter the venue with proper identification required.


In order to bring our community together, as well as give back and maintain a professional brand and appearance — the Winners of the Pride Myrtle Beach Pageant will sign a separate Pride Myrtle Beach, Inc. contract outlining our expectations as our titleholder, as well as the participation in the Pride Celebration Picnic, Pride in the Park  and at least, ONE benefit for Pride Myrtle Beach, Inc. sometime during your reign as Mr., Miss, or Mx. Pride Myrtle Beach 2024. This benefit can be done together as a team and is encouraged.


The Pride Myrtle Beach board of directors may disqualify from entering or revoke titles from those who:

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