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Board of Directors

The Pride Myrtle Beach Board is comprised of an all-volunteer group of community members who give of their time and talent to ensure Pride has diverse representation and good governance.

Craig McGee Headshot

Craig McGee (He/Him)
Executive Director

Craig has lived in Myrtle Beach for nearly 30 years, originally from Winston-Salem, NC. He has been active in the LGBTQ+ community for a number of years and is passionate about giving a voice to those who are underserved in the community. Along with his active role as an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, he also serves on the Myrtle Beach Human Rights Commission, working to ensure the basic rights of all people. Craig lives in Myrtle Beach with his husband.

“As the co-founder and Executive Director of Pride Myrtle Beach Inc., I am committed to fostering acceptance of the Myrtle Beach LGBTQ+ community and creating a unified community where everyone feels welcome, affirmed and safe. I look forward to working together with the Board of Directors to make real and lasting change in the Myrtle Beach area.”

Raymond Dobell Headshot

Raymond Dobell (he/him)

Hailing from the Midwest, Ray brings a rich variety of seasoned non-profit and volunteer experience to Pride Myrtle Beach.  He found the courage and support from the Pride organizations of Indiana, and the affirming volunteers behind them, in order to come out and be who he is:  bringing a vision that the work here in Myrtle Beach will provide that same support to those who call it home.

Living in the area for over five years, Ray is a teacher by profession and has worked with, and started, local non-profits.  He specializes in organizational procedures, fundraising, and events, forging partnerships with businesses and volunteers in order to provide a time for others to feel safe and supported while growing the feeling of family.

As Chair, outreach is at the heart of his vision for the Organization—giving both ear and hand to those that are part of, and in support of, the LGBTQ+ community.  What we build, we will build together to ensure the sustainability of Pride and the passion behind those that will aid in providing successful opportunities for all to enjoy—together!

Chris Naylor (she/her)

Beth Knight Headshot

Beth Knight (she/her)
Community Liaison

“My name is Beth and my wife and I moved to MB from CT about 3 years ago. While in CT I volunteered regularly at the Covenant Soup Kitchen. I have always enjoyed serving my community and I am excited to bring this enthusiasm to my position serving as a member at large on the board here at Pride MB. I am looking forward to expanding our current connections and building a strong, supportive community.”

Committee Chairs

Juan Arce (He/Him)
Events Management

Lisa Licht (She/Her)
Family Initiatives

Carlos Delgado (He/Him)
Health Initiatives

Alex Hernandez (He/Him)
Diversity & Inclusion

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